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water softener galyanMany people tend to take their water softener for granted. Probably the only thing you occasionally do is tipping your water softener with fresh salt forgetting that there are other things you must do to maintain it. You don’t have to wait until something happens before taking action. In fact, you might wonder if there is anything you could have done to prevent the problem from happening.

Despite the fact that a water softener is one of the low-maintenance equipment in your home there are certain things you need to do to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency and stays in good shape.

  • Always check the salt level every four to six weeks

You don’t have to wait until hard water starts streaming out of your water softener before going ahead to check the salt level in your brine tank. The frequency of checking the salt level might vary depending on the type of water softener you are using. However, four to six weeks would still be fine. If you think it might be had to remember this, set a reminder on your phone. The most important thing is to monitor the salt level and prevent a salt bridge from developing.

  • Inspect your water softener every few months

As much as you are supposed to check the salt level of your water softener, you should inspect it every 2 to 3 months. When inspecting, check if there is any buildup of salt in the brine tank.

  • Only use the right type of salt

Don’t use any type of salt that’s not designed for water softener systems. Chances are you’ve heard people say old type of salt can work in a water softener. This is not true. The owner’s manual will help you know the right type of salt to use on your softener. Even if you don’t have the manual, use the model number of the softener to perform an online search or check with our professionals at BioTech Water Researchers.

  • Clean the Brine Tank

Well, we both know that modern water softeners do not need much cleaning. While this is true, you don’t want to wake up one day only to feel sorry for not cleaning the brine tank. The owner’s manual should guide you on how to clean the brine tank best. Consider doing the cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

  • Eliminate Bridges

If you want to prevent salt from crusting because of moisture, keep the brine tank half full or at a lower level. In case you notice a bridge in the brine tank, break it up using a broom handle. However, note that once a bridge has developed, it might re-occur quickly.

  • Add a pre-filter

Regardless of your water source, the water contains “sludge” and sediments which can harm the gaskets, seals, and the small ports in water treatment systems. This will in turn affect the life of your system. Adding pre-filtration can help you increase the life of your water treatment system and protect the sanitation as well. Furthermore, it will be useful to chlorine removal inside your home.

While you may follow everything as mentioned above, it is important to occasionally have your equipment checked and maintained by a professional. The experts at BioTech Water Researchers are ready to assist you with anything as far as your water softener system is concerned.

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