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reverse-osmosis-600x300Water filters are systems used to filter and getting rid of contaminants from the water. Most homeowners tend to assume the water in their home is safe for drinking. It is important to note that your water might look perfectly clear but it could be harboring a variety of parasites, bacteria, and protozoa that can result in illness. Water is a very essential element to human life hence the need to ensure it is safe for use.

Water filtration systems remove contaminants through a combination of activated carbon (adsorption), ion-exchange, and micron-mechanical filtration. Water filters may be large whole house water filters or small RO drinking water systems. The water filter system is usually fitted under your kitchen sink to purify the water coming out of your kitchen tap.

The versatility of water filters allows them to treat everything from heavy metals to man-made and natural chemicals. The first step usually involves capturing sediments, silt, rust, and other contaminants on a sediment pre-filter. The activated carbon filter then traps the impurities and contaminants within the matrix before they are removed. Removal process may involve media and cartridge replacements or regular back washing cycles. The final stage involves the removal of any remaining bacteria and viruses using the UV filter.

Contaminants and impurities are usually trapped and removed depending on the type of filter. If you want to remove contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, and lead from your water supply consider a water filter system. There is no better way to enjoy safe drinking water with your family than installing a water filter system. Remember that the treatment facilities do not filter out these chemical impurities and contaminants. While your tap water may look safe for drinking, it may still contain chemical impurities that may be harmful to your health.

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