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As more and more people are becoming attentive about the undesirable effects of hard water, the demand for water softener setting up in recent years has also considerably enlarged. Today, there are numerous types of water handling devices being set up, but they typically fall under these 2 types:

  • The salt based water softener
  • The salt free water softener

Salt free water softener machine are also called as no salt or salt less water softeners since their procedure of softening water does not comprise any elimination of any hard water minerals, but rather make use of other approaches in purifying hard water. Salt free water softeners exploit a lot of technologies because utmost of these devices were designed by proprietor companies.

Some of the salt free devices being used today are as follows:


Uses magnets which are attached outside the pipes to make a magnetic field which can change the complete arrangement, morphology of particles, and configuration of hard water as it passes through the magnetized pipes.


This device will send electronic pulsations to disturb any suspended calcium and magnesium atoms in the water to modify the chemical turnover of these elements so it will not cause scaling and any other problems associated with hard water. In other words, this device efficiently softens water without going through the normal process.


Uses a kind of chelant or sequestrant agents, generally citrus based agents so their molecules will bind with hard water impurities and avoid them from accumulating precipitates in your pipes, on your shower heads, and drains.

Alternatively, salt free devices make use of dissimilar methodologies for softening water more or less like the salt based technology. And even though these devices are forcing its way into the typical market, the technologies they use are still highly debateable due to the lack of decisive evidence as a result of contradictory findings through scientific experiments. Nevertheless, salt free softening systems have earned a succeeding and are not likely predictable to go away from the scene any time soon.


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