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cg1-1g3xhckg7j-qft3msjukfz8yctmc61dhw9Water hardening is a huge problem that is faced by the populace of San Antonio and its environs. Hard water is a situation whereby, the water has a very high mineral content and therefore, it is unsafe for human consumption. It is because of this reason that BioTech Water Researchers came up with some effective and efficient methods of water softening. Water softening means the removal of this mineral content from the hard water so that it becomes safe for human use. Some of the mineral content in the hard water include magnesium, calcium, and others. The team of researchers from BioTech, provide various solutions such as De-chlorination, water filtrations, reverse osmosis, iron filter and disinfecting the water.De-chlorination means the removal of chlorine substance from the water which in turn makes the water soft. In addition to that, to soften the water filtration is done. Water filtration can be done in the form of putting physical barriers so that all the impurities from the hard water are removed. The process of water filtration cannot only be done using physical barriers, but it can also be done using chemicals or biological process. Apart from the methods mentioned above, the research team from BioTech also uses a water softening method known as reverse osmosis. It means a material which is permeable is used and it allows larger particles to pass through, and the water is retained. It is done for water softening.  In case you are in San Antonio or its environs, you should contact the team from BioTech team Water Researchers who will come and test your water and then recommend the best methods for water softening. There are many advantages for water softening and some of them include, makes water safe for human consumption, uses less soap and prevents rusting of home appliances and many others. It is advisable for every household to use water softening methods mentioned above so as to have cleaning water to use and drink.

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